What is the prayer ambulance?


God is doing exciting things in our Diocese, and as a God who promises to keep transforming us, we know the best is yet to come!

The Prayer Ambulance is yet another slightly barmy initiative from the Anglican Diocese of Wellington! It’s a mobile space kitted out with prayer resources, for free hire to our parishes and mission units. Its goal is to more deeply embed prayer within our faith communities and through this, experience more of the transformation we know our loving God wishes to call in us and in those yet to know Him..

The Prayer Ambulance is a response to a prophetic sense amongst some of our Diocesan whanau to deepen our calling as people of prayer. That call came to reality when a converted ambulance became available to us in a miracle way. There is deep beauty in the idea of a vehicle used to treat people’s bodies being repurposed to a vehicle that will feed and nourish people’s souls and continue to be a place of healing.

It is our hope that this will provide both inspiration and a safe space for those who are new to faith to explore prayer as well as being an opportunity for seasoned prayer warriors to embed prayer in their places of mission, and together to grow more deeply as the family of God.


what’s inside?

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